Choose your Coffee


Bordalo Blends

11,90 €

Inspired by the Pena blend but repurposed for the demands of the hotel and restaurant industry, it is an energetic coffee with an intense aroma.


Brazil Coffee

11,90 €

Its aroma is intense and captivating, full-bodied and velvety. Its sweetness stands out with hints of chocolate enriched by a caramel aroma. Seventeen Brazilian states produce coffee; however, the higher quality beans originate from the south of the country.


The specialty of the centennial grocery store, the Café d’Avó (Grandmother’s Coffee) has an unmistakable aroma, where hints of spices and chocolate stand out, and an equally characteristic palate.


Centenário Blends

12,90 €

Born in 2009 in celebration to the centennial birthday of the Pena Grocery store, it is a smooth, velvety and delicate coffee.


Colombia Coffee

12,90 €

With a characteristic sourness, balanced and light body, the Colombian coffee is quite versatile and is capable of handling different roasting intensities very well.


Costa Rica Coffee

13,90 €

From one of the more “eco-frieldly” destinations in Central America we have a full-bodied and sour coffee with hints of chocolate and caramel.


Ethiopia Coffee

16,90 €

From the birthplace of coffee arrives one of the most prestigious varieties of Arabica in the world. A coffee of intense aroma and smooth flavor and texture. Citric, delicate, floral are other terms which describe certain Ethiopian coffees.


Guatemala Coffee

12,90 €

Highly aromatic, sweet and full of hints of chocolate, caramel, citrines and honey, the Guatemalan coffee stands out for its biodiversity and environmentally friendly production methods.


Just like in other central American nations, the Honduras produce high altitude coffee. Amongst most prized attributes of the Honduran coffee are its bitterness and flavor.


It might not be one of the most popular names between the coffee nations, but the Ivory Coast is an important producer of full-bodied and resistant Robusta coffee.


In 1725 the British brought the coffea plant to Jamaica bringing to life the fascinating tale of the Blue Mountain – for many the best coffee in the world. The true Blue mountain is distributed in barrels.


Kenya Coffee

17,90 €

Due to its quality, the Kenyan arabica is one of the best worldwide. Amongst its several attributes are: the wonderful aroma, sharp and fruity taste (many times full of citric hints) and high acidity.