Intense coffee with a citrus flavor and floral aroma


Brazil Coffee

11,90 €

Its aroma is intense and captivating, full-bodied and velvety. Its sweetness stands out with hints of chocolate enriched by a caramel aroma. Seventeen Brazilian states produce coffee; however, the higher quality beans originate from the south of the country.


Colombia Coffee

12,90 €

With a characteristic sourness, balanced and light body, the Colombian coffee is quite versatile and is capable of handling different roasting intensities very well.


Costa Rica Coffee

13,90 €

From one of the more “eco-frieldly” destinations in Central America we have a full-bodied and sour coffee with hints of chocolate and caramel.


Ethiopia Coffee

16,90 €

From the birthplace of coffee arrives one of the most prestigious varieties of Arabica in the world. A coffee of intense aroma and smooth flavor and texture. Citric, delicate, floral are other terms which describe certain Ethiopian coffees.


Guatemala Coffee

12,90 €

Highly aromatic, sweet and full of hints of chocolate, caramel, citrines and honey, the Guatemalan coffee stands out for its biodiversity and environmentally friendly production methods.


Kenya Coffee

17,90 €

Due to its quality, the Kenyan arabica is one of the best worldwide. Amongst its several attributes are: the wonderful aroma, sharp and fruity taste (many times full of citric hints) and high acidity.


Cultivated in mountainous and volcanic ranges, the Nicaraguan coffee e smooth with a slightly salty acidity, medium body and strong aroma. Its level of caffeine is low in comparison to other origins.


Sao Tome Coffee

18,90 €

From one of the smallest coffee producing islands arrives this beverage with na intense body, mild bitterness and intense aroma.


Timor Coffee

11,90 €

From this Island in the Indian Ocean we have a harmonious coffee, very aromatic with hints of chocolate and spices.