Coffee from the Harmonization of Arabica, Robust and beyond


Bordalo Blends

11,90 €

Inspired by the Pena blend but repurposed for the demands of the hotel and restaurant industry, it is an energetic coffee with an intense aroma.


The specialty of the centennial grocery store, the Café d’Avó (Grandmother’s Coffee) has an unmistakable aroma, where hints of spices and chocolate stand out, and an equally characteristic palate.


Centenário Blends

12,90 €

Born in 2009 in celebration to the centennial birthday of the Pena Grocery store, it is a smooth, velvety and delicate coffee.


Pena Blends

13,90 €

This blend was the inspired by the centennial Café d’Avó and mixes arabicas and robustas carefully selected amongst the best origins. It is a blend where the aroma overtakes the body which gives it an unforgettable perfume and flavor.