Coffee with a unique aroma and flavor, reflecting its origin

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

119,00 €

In 1725 the British brought the coffea plant to Jamaica bringing to life the fascinating tale of the Blue Mountain – for many the best coffee in the world. The true Blue mountain is distributed in barrels.

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This coffee of controlled origin grows in the highest mountains of the Caribbean where the characteristics of the climate and the soil are ideal for the cultivation of the Arabica bean. It was precisely in this location where the first coffea plants were planted by the hand of the Englishmen Sir. Nicholas Lawes. Despite several brands Blue Mountain in their label (they mix a few beans in their batches), but don’t be fooled: the true coffee is cultivated in high altitudes, in less quantity and following strict immemorial rules which naturally increase its market value. The Ferrari of coffee is a Sir of refined taste, an aroma of nuts, delicate sweetness, liveliness and very mild bitterness.

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